Badass Survival Secrets: 11 Survival Books For Real Prepper In You

by Veronica Coffin on March 13, 2017



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Badass Survival Secrets: 11 Survival Books For Real Prepper In You 

Book 1: Survival Guide: First Things You Must Know To Survive A Disaster: Learn How to Store Food and Water and Live Without Electricity and Gas

Book 2: Emergency Evacuations: Learn To Get Out Fast And Not Forget All Important Things

Book 3: Survival Cooking During an Emergency: 30 Nutritious and Quick Recipes made from Your Emergency Food Supplies!

Book 4: Situational Survival Guide: How To Defend Yourself In 10 Dangerous Situations And Stay Alive In Fatal Situations

Book 5: Homemade Survival Bars: 15 Recipes Of High Nutritional Bars To Keep You Physically Active While Emergency

Book 6: Winter Survival: 20 Tips To Survive In The Freezing Wilderness

Book 7: Winter Survival: How To Survive Winter Storms While Homesteading And Off-Grid Living

Book 8: Winter Survival: Minimal Kit for Winter Survival in the Wildwood

Book 9: Urban Winter Survival: How To Prepare Your Car, Your Home And Yourself For Great Freeze

Book 10: Smart Prepping: Essentials All Beginners Preppers Should Know And Common Mistakes To Avoid

Book 11: Survival: How to Survive A Blackout and Don’t Go Nuts

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