Bug Out Super Boxset- Six Thrilling Book Series

by Veronica Coffin on March 3, 2016



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Bug Out Super Boxset- Six Thrilling Book Series Kindle Edition

Best-selling authors James Hunt and Roger Hayden bring you this collection of stories that have collectively accumulated over 600 five-star reviews. That’s SIX BOOK SERIES comprised of NINETEEN NOVELS at a discounted price!

Present-day America has reached its breaking-point. Collapse is right around the corner, but that isn’t the only thing: The aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) reduces the nation to chaos. An Ebola outbreak infects millions after a highly mutated super-gene is unleashed into the population. A calculated ISIS Sleeper Cell takes residence in a normal neighborhood street, preparing for heinous acts of terror. A mother fights against all odds to keep her family alive in the harsh desert of a world gone dry. A spy balances the intricacies of global conflict. A father faces the cruel realities of survival when all of humanity turns against one another. The stakes are life and death. Pick a side.

Agent Hill

Agent Sarah Hill loves her job. As the number one agent at the GSF, the most covert spy agency in the world that operates beyond the reach of any government, Agent Hill has to balance locating the mastermind behind the attack on the global power grid and finding her brother and his family. But for her, they’re one in the same.

Grid Down

A small, northeastern town is crippled after a mysterious electromagnetic pulse causes a massive blackout, leaving residents stunned and unprepared. But the loss of power is only the beginning.


How far will a mother go to protect her family?
Limited water. Limited resources. No help. Brooke Fontanne has to find a way to cross the massive sea of sand that is the Mojave Desert. And with the Southwestern United States now exiled from the Union in wake of the water crisis the entire area is in chaos. Brooke is forced to battle not just the desert elements, but gangs and marauders looking to take whatever they want.

Sleeper Cell

When a wide network of sleeper cells are activated, America faces a new terror threat unlike anything it’s ever witnessed. At the height of the attacks, one FBI Agent finds himself in the middle of a race against time with an enemy hell-bent on his nation’s destruction. Special Agent Craig Davis has spent months pursuing and investigating sleeper cell leads, and his first major bust of a ring of foreign ISIS militants leads to a conspiracy beyond even his own grasp. The enemy is plotting and something major is in the works. Soon Craig and his FBI team discover that the intent of the ISIS sleeper cells is not to simply commit acts of terrorism, but to declare outright war upon the United States. Their enemy: the American people and their government.

Broken Lines

The advancement of technology has allowed our society to grow in leaps and bounds. The fields of medicine, engineering, agriculture and countless others have benefited from the applied science of high tech microprocessors and their data processing capabilities.

This technology helps power our homes, cars, laptops, and phones. It is involved in every aspect of our lives, but as powerful and complex as these systems are there is one device that can cripple everything and bring the world as we know it to a standstill: EMP blast.

American Epidemic

Greg Atkins is prepper with a mysterious past who lives his day-to-day life as a home security installation man in a quaint suburb in Nevada. Like most Americans, Greg is concerned about the Ebola virus threat in West Africa. And it isn’t soon before the disease begins to spread within the US in an unexplained phenomenon with an advanced strain even more contagious and extreme than before. No one is safe as mass panic erupts across major cities nationwide. It’s up to Greg to use his prepping skills to save himself and those he cares about before the epidemic wipes out everyone in its path.

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