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Homesteading A-Z: 24 Books-in-1 Mega Bundle That Covers All Homesteading Issues by [Vicks, Helen, Lois, Annabelle, Rock, Greg, Stone, Helen, Rose, Camilla, Dowson, Richard, Marshall, Anna, Lukas, Angela]

Homesteading A-Z: 24 Books-in-1 Mega Bundle That Covers All Homesteading Issues Kindle Edition

24 Books-in-1 Mega Bundle That Covers All Homesteading Issues

Homesteading is a self-sufficient lifestyle to reconnect with nature. This lifestyle is really beneficial for you to get rid of numerous problems. You can reconnect to nature and invest for your health. It will lead you to spend a healthy life and reduce tensions. Homesteading requires you to grow your own food, vegetables, plants and raise animals for food and byproducts. You can enjoy healthy and active because your grown food will be free from chemicals and other harmful ingredients. You can sell surplus items in the market for money. If you want to enjoy a homestead lifestyle, you should maintain Consider the climate is a growing season of an area, such as Northern Europe and Africa. Some varieties of plants can grow quickly and you can harvest these plants to store in the winter season. It will be good to get the advantage of this book because it offers:

    • Book 1 – Homesteading For Dummies: 20 Beginner’s Tips To Start Your Completely Self-Sufficient Life
    • Book 2 – Backyard Gardening Ideas: Tips On How To Create Fertile Garden On Just 1/10 Acre Backyard
    • Book 3 – Tea Herb Gardening: Learn To Grow 22 Essential Tea Herbs For Healing And Regular Tear
    • Book 4 – Gardening: Vertical Gardening: Best, Easiest And Neatest Way To Grow Vegetables, Flowers, Berries Or Herbs
    • Book 5 – Perennial Vegetables: Top 30 Plants You Can Harvest Forever
    • Book 6 – Pepper Growing: Learn How To Grow 5 Popular Types Of Hot Peppers
    • Book 7 – Square Foot Gardening: Best Method To Build A Garden In A Small Area
    • Book 8 – Healing Herbs Garden: Learn To Grow 15 Essential Healing Herbs In Your Home Garden
    • Book 9 – Self-Watering Garden: 10 DIY Self-Watering Garden Systems To Keep Your Plants Fresh Despite The Weather
    • Book 10 – Solar Power: Start For Beginners:How To Setup Your Personal Solar Power System And Supply Your Home With Electricity
    • Book 11 – DIY Projects: 30 Modern Wood Pallet Projects To Decorate Your Home And Garden
    • Book 12 – DIY Mini Shed: Illustrated Tutorial On Building Small But Roomy Shed In Only $40!
    • Book 13 – Fence Building: 10 Nice Looking DIY Fench Building Projects That Won’t Make You Broke
    • Book 14 – Blacksmithing for Dummies: Essentials Every Beginner Blacksmith Need To Know
    • Book 15 – Home Doctor: How Not To Get Sick During Winter Season: 29 Homemade Remedies That Are Approved By Doctors
    • Book 16 – Survival Medicine: Medicine Handbook You Need In Your First-Aid Kit That Will Save Your Life
    • Book 17 – Healing Salves: 30 Homemade Salves with Great Healing Power
    • Book 18 – DIY Healing Salve: 20 Recipes Of Healing Salves For All-Purpose Use
    • Book 19 – Essential Oils for Healing: 30 Essential Oil Recipes for Pain Relief and Health Improvement
    • Book 20 – Nail Fungus Treatment: Proven Remedies To Cure Nail Fungus At Home And Guide On How To Prevent It In Future
    • Book 21 – Essential Oils Gifts: 32 Essential Oil Recipes For Handcrafted Soap And Skin Care
    • Book 22 – Homemade Organic Sunscreen: 30 Waterproof Sunscreen Recipes 15-40 SPF for You and Your Family
    • Book 23 – Homemade Hydrating Face Mask: 40 Recipes For All Skin Types To Protect Your Face From Cold, Wind, And UV Rays
    • Book 24 – DIY Chapsticks and Lip Balms: 18 Recipes of Flavored Lip Balms to Protect your Lips from Cold, Wind and UV Rays

Download this book and get the advantage of tips and tricks given in this book. You can start a self-sufficient life easily.

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