How To Build The Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit

by Veronica Coffin on April 11, 2017



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin




How To Build The Ultimate Disaster Survival Kit Kindle Edition

Discover EXACTLY how to prepare yourself and your family when the SHTF! In times past, people lived in such a way that they were more prepared to deal with disasters. They might not have had the technology that we have available today, but they had something much more important: self-reliance. Modern man has become too dependent…

• What you MUST do when the lights go out
• 13 things CRUCIAL to stock
• How to prepare food for long-term storage
• How to survive away from home
• How to create the ultimate survival kit
• The 6 things EVERY survival kit must contain

What Does it Take to Survive?
Surviving at Home
How Your Home Helps You
What to Do When the Lights Go Out
What You Need to Stock
Surviving Away from Home
Survival Kits Come in All Sizes
Tha Basic Survival Kit
What to Add to Pad Your Survival Kit

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