People Starting To Panic…Walmart Water Brawl Ensues [VIDEO]

by Veronica Coffin on October 7, 2016



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin


You’ve got to be freaking kidding me! People have known for better than a week that Hurricane Matthew was coming to Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. You were given ample time to stock up and prep your homes and boats. Most people did. In fact, many people were ready for something like this long beforehand, but as is the case every single time there is an emergency, there are those that rush to the store to buy up all they can.

Witness this brawl in a Walmart (of course) by two black women over the last case of water on the shelf. They punch each other and pull hair. A man and two other women had to pull them apart. Then they went at it again. Just disgraceful. What idiots… they are wasting precious time when they should be getting their families together and evacuating. Major facepalm.


From The Mirror:

Two women became embroiled in a brutal scrap over the last case of water in a supermarket ahead of Hurricane Matthew , its reported.

People have been panic-buying food and supplies as the deadly storm sweeps in from the Caribbean and is expected to affect 12 million Americans.

The[y] can be seen repeatedly battering and pulling each others hair in the middle of a Walmart store, apparently after one of them put the store’s last water bottles in her trolley.

A man and two other women can be seen trying to break up the violent row but to little avail as the pair move and just continue throwing punches.

This is a monstrous storm and nothing to laugh at. It is a Category 4 or 5 hurricane and if you stay, you could be killed. Instead, we see geniuses like this making spectacles of themselves so the Brits can have a good laugh at the US’ expense. Oh, and I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know this is in Florida.

Store shelves are being wiped out as people frantically and in a panic buy all they can to get through the historic storm. There are long lines at gas stations if you can get gas at all. The very worst in people’s natures are coming out as well. Fortunately, the governor of the state has mandated that you are allowed to carry arms with you for your protection during all of this.

More than three million people have been evacuated from Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina as the biggest storm in the last century begins to wreck havoc. My prayers are with all of them in harm’s way. I have friends and family in Florida – God speed.


The two women can be seen scrapping, apparently over the last case of water in a supermarket

They punch and pull each other's hair repeatedly while other shoppers try to break up the fight




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