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by Veronica Coffin on May 7, 2016



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Prepper’s Pantry Big Collection: An Ultimate Guide On How To Store Food And Water: (Prepper’s Guide, Survival Guide) (Survival Cooking) Kindle Edition


Prepper’s Pantry Big Collection: An Ultimate Guide On How To Store Food And Water


Book #1. Canning and Preserving for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide On Storing Food And Water

The human body is like an automated and highly coordinated machine which gives out highest rate of output when the needed level of input I sneered. This input is in the form of various nutrients and food items. Sp the quest for finding and preserving food has been part of human life since the birth.

In this book, you will find the most basic information which will help you as a beginner in the canning technique. No matter how much advanced the modern technology has become. But the need for preservation of food remains eth same even in the modern age, it is because of various physical and geographical constraints as well as personal inclination. It is, therefore, necessary to know about the preservation of food involving canning technique.

Book #2. Survival Cookbook: 20 Delicious Prepping Recipes In Mason Jar

This book provides the information you need to freeze dry your food and 20 delicious recipes that you can make with those ingredients to ensure that you are always prepared for a rainy day (or a zombie apocalypse). This cookbook ensures that you will be surviving on gourmet easy to cook dinners with no need for boring soups and uninteresting food. If doomsday comes you’ll be dining with fine cuisine and delicious exciting meals and there is even some sweet treats too (can’t forget dessert).

Book #3. Canning And Preserving: The Beginner’s Guide On Canning And Preserving Meat With 25 Simple Recipes

This book titled “Canning and Preserving: The Beginner’s guide on Canning and preserving meat with 25 Simple Recipes” is a very interesting book to read. It is a beautiful collection of words that gives insight into the skills required for the canning and preserving of food at household level.

Book #4. Living Off The Grid: The Ultimate Guide On Storage food, Treatment And Storage Of Drinking Water

More people are choosing to live off of the grid these days. Off grid living is has two meanings; one meaning is to create your own power supply and live off the national grid. Then there are people who live so far off the grid that they actually supply almost everything themselves. They grow their own food, and take their lives 100% into their own hands.

This book is more for the second kind of off the grid living. It’s the ultimate guide for how to effectively store food and water in a house, especially a house that doesn’t have a lot of resources like power to go around.

Book #5. Survival Guide for Beginners: 20+ Helping Tips To Store Food And Water

You will learn several significant things in this book “Survival Guide for Beginners”. But the main focus of this book is on 20+ helping tips to store food & water. There are numerous skills required for survival in the wilderness and obviously it’s not possible for and individual to learn all those skills. But still there are some skills that are very crucial to learn. The reason is that, if you will not learn then your survival become impossible. Food and water are two basic needs along with others. And the idea behind focusing on these two elements is that they give us life. You may remain safe without survival kit or other tools if you don’t know how to use them. But contrary to it, you would not be able to live without water and food. So keeping this in mind we designed such an amazing book for you.

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