Prepping: SHTF Survival: Prepper’s DIY Guide for Disaster Preparedness

by Veronica Coffin on June 20, 2016



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Prepping: SHTF Survival: Prepper’s DIY Guide for Disaster Preparedness (Survival Skills Guide, Stockpile Supplies, Self Sufficiency Tools and Weapons) Kindle Edition

Do you know what to do when a crisis strikes? Natural disasters. Financial calamities. Terrorist attacks. Burglaries. Is this the time to think? No. This the time to have a plan and act! And this book tells you how.

There is always a way out…

Survival is a craft that can be learned. With proper knowledge you can protect yourself and those around you following several simple rules explained in simple terms.

You will learn:

  • the elements of an efficient survival plan, from preserving food, to your money and documents, and even to caring for your pet
  • how to recognize potential attackers and be a step ahead of danger
  • how to identify evacuation routes and never be backed up to a corner
  • what essential survival gear do you need and why is it a good idea to always have it ready
  • how to build a root cellar and how it can save your life
  • the best food preservation techniques you have never heard of
  • how to pack your first-aid kit and be prepared for what living off the grid may throw at you

Learn from a pro!

Survival is not about running into the woods and living off leaves and berries. It’s about preparedness. The author distills his 17 years of survival experience into a practical, no-nonsense guide to staying safe. His life-long passion for the outdoor allows him to share the best-kept secrets of how to survive with the bare essentials.

It’s not too late!


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