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R.E.A.C.T SURVIVAL FILES (Steve Collins REACT Self Defense Library Book 3) Kindle Edition

The ‘Survival Files’ first appeared as a postscript to my book Think Safe, Act Safe, Stay Safe. They consist of short but succinct feature articles. Each one specifically focuses on a particular aspect of personal security and safety. The ‘Survival Files,’ enable the reader to recognise and evaluate given situations in order to take effective and appropriate action. The files often give clear and logical sets of Do’s and Don’ts when faced with certain criteria. The ‘Survival Files’ have become extremely popular and have appeared in several publications. Including official Police magazines under the title ‘Street Survival’ by Steve Collins. You will find a ‘Survival Files’ page on Facebook and Twitter and is also available on the web at www.UrbanSurvivalAssociation.com

Everyone on the planet, man, woman or child, has to face a multitude of dangers throughout their lives. These dangers can seem even more intimidating when you add the pressures of day-to-day urban life. Therefore, it is crucial that we all accept and understand the inherent dangers of our daily lives, whether at home, at work or at play we cannot change the world, however, we can minimise the dangers and risks by taking control of ourselves, our health and also (by using situational awareness) take control of our immediate surroundings. At a very basic level there is a substantial amount we can all do to make our lives a lot safer.
You must give yourself permission to take control in order to protect yourself, your loved ones and those in your care. The basic strategy at all times is to avoid unnecessary risk or danger whenever possible and learn to be a survivor.

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