SHTF & Urban Survival Items for Preppers

by Veronica Coffin on June 9, 2016



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin




SHTF & Urban Survival Items for Preppers: Beginners Guide to Everything You Need to Stockpile for the SHTF, Urban Survival, Prepping and Disasters

If you’re interested in becoming a prepper or just curious about what you should have in any disaster situation, then you need to make sure you read this!

Inside SHFT & Urban Survival Items for Preppers you’ll discover:

  • Chapter One – Food Preparation and Food Items
  • Chapter Two – Medical Supplies
  • Chapter Three – Survival Items
  • Chapter Four – Hunting, Gathering, and Self-Defense
  • Chapter Five – Miscellaneous Items & Much More!


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