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Survival Book Collection: Survival Guide with First Aid Medications, Hacks, Tips and Tools to Keep You Safe: (Survival Books, Survival Guide, Survivalist, Safety, Urban Survival, First Aid,Emergency) Kindle Edition

Survival Book Collection: Survival Guide with First Aid Medications, Hacks, Tips and Tools to Keep You Safe

BOOK #1: Survival Communication: Stay In Touch With Your Family When the World Goes Silent

It’s imperative to keep up communication with your family or friends during a trip as it is the only method for comprehending what’s going on and what to do next in any emergency. That is the reason survival radios are a top need when you are making your emergency survival kit. You may ask why we ought to try utilizing a radio when we have less demanding methods for communication these days, by utilizing our mobile phones, tablets, and so forth.

BOOK #2: Survival Cookbook: 20 Nutritious Tasty Prepping Recipes In Mason Jars

“Survival Cookbook: 20 Nutritious Tasty Prepping Recipes In Mason Jars” is the key to your survival in the most adverse conditions. Whether you’re lost away from civilization, or a natural disaster has struck and you’re left alone, if you let this book guide you, you’d be able to survive the most unfavorable circumstances.This book is about some recipes that you can take advantage of when you’re alone in the wilderness and you need to survive. You can learn how to make the best prepping recipes in mason jars when you have not enough to go on with. If you have done this before, you’d really find this book interesting. I have shared some easy recipes that would help you survive when the whole world is literally upside down around you.

BOOK #3: Survival Guide: 15 Best Effective Proven Strategies and Tips to Survive a Disaster

This book is about the skills that you need to survive a disaster. Natural disasters can happen at any time and who knows how long you would have to face the consequences of the disasters. To cope with the disasters, one must know how to survive in adverse circumstances. For this, it is essential to have certain survival skills and mindset. In this book, I will give you certain tips on how to survive the after-effects of a disaster. I would try my best to teach you the necessary strategies needed for survival in the harshest circumstances.

BOOK #4: Survival Medicine: Things You Need In Your First-Aid Kit And Medical Handbook

Survival Medicine – Things You Need in Your First-Aid Kit and Medical Handbook is useful book that is written to guide you in times of need. Who knows when you might face an emergency situation where lack of basic medical knowledge can result in a huge mishap? This book would help you know some basic tips that would help you in times of a disaster or accident or emergency. You’d learn what basic things you need in your first aid kit so that when an emergency happens, you’re ready to handle that before the professionals come in. You’d also learn how to be ready in case of small accidents and emergencies and how to help if someone’s injured or wounded.

BOOK #5: Survival Medicine Handbook: Essential Things Every Medicine Kit Needs And First-aid In Case Of Emergency

Whether you’re a naturalist, an athlete, or just spending some time with friends or family, there’s always the chance that you will find yourself in need of emergency attention. Don’t let an outdated, mostly empty, or worse yet, absent first aid kit make the difference between life and death. Find out, in a few short pages, what is absolutely essential to have at all times for a medical emergency and how to get it with minimal time and effort.

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