Survival Communication

by Veronica Coffin on April 24, 2016





Survival Communication: Stay In Touch With Your Family When The SHTF!: (Survival Guide, Prepper’s Guide) (Prepping Books)

Stay In Touch With Your Family When The SHTF!

No matter what the situation is, if you are connected with your friends and family, then surviving even the worst-case scenario becomes an easy task. When the SHTF, chances are that your everyday communication channels might not work. In such a scenario, it is of utmost importance to be aware of different techniques that can help you and your loved ones to exchange crucial information.

This comprehensive guide will help you survive an unforeseen situation while building a communication channel between you and your loved ones. Different topics are elucidated in the guide, such as:

    • Preparing a database and other essential things for seamless communication
    • How to communicate in coding techniques when your family is near
    • How to communicate using different mediums when you are separated from your family
    • Building a home base during a disaster, etc.


A must-have guide for every prepper, it will help you install a communication system in your home base and will inspire your family members as well to understand the need for maintaining communication in an adverse scenario. Be prepared and learn how to stay in touch with the significant people in your life, when everything goes wrong – so that you can make a right move!

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