Survival Guide With Paracord

by Veronica Coffin on May 7, 2016



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Survival Guide With Paracord: The Essential Usage Of Paracord And DIY Hacks: (Paracord Projects, Paracord Bracelet) (Prepper’s Guide)Kindle Edition

The Essential Usage Of Paracord And DIY Hacks

Paracord is one of the most widely used objects to create various durable and rugged survival objects. Every prepper knows that they need to be prepared to face a worst-case scenario and in such an adverse situation, paracord could be your new best friend.

This guide will be your one-stop solution to help you know every essential thing about paracord and how you can use it wisely to survive. It covers the following topics that are related to paracord:

    • The basic characteristics of paracord
    • The wide range of paracord objects available
    • Different survival tactics of using a paracord object
    • DIY hacks to help you create a paracord bracelet and lanyard


If you think that paracord is used only to tie things together, then this guide will make you think again. The book will provide an in-depth knowledge of paracord and will teach you everything you need to know about surviving a disaster by using paracord objects. From helping you buy the best quality of paracord tools to providing an essential survival guide, this is one book that will make you well-equipped as a prepper.

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