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by Veronica Coffin on December 24, 2016



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Survival Mega Collection: Get Yourself Out Alive With These 30 Amazing Books: (Survival Ultimate Guide) Kindle Edition

Survival Mega Collection: Get Yourself Out Alive With These 30 Amazing Books

Book 1. DIY Solar Heater: Build and Use a Solar Air Heater for Less than You Think

Book 2. Behavior Survival Guide For Kids In Big Cities: Teach Your Children How To Make Right Everyday Choices and Be Safe

Book 3. Prepper’s Stockpile Guide: Items You Can Barter after the Collapse When Cash is Worthless

Book 4. Situational Awareness: How to Identify Threats and Stay Safe in Dangerous Situations

Book 5. Amazing Knots: Your Number One How To Guide On Tying And Using Knots

Book 6. Paracord: 20 Legendary Paracord Projects With Illustrated Instructions

Book 7. Paracord Projects: A Detailed Tutorial On Creating Super Cool Paracord Bracelets With Pictures

Book 8. Pet Survival Kit: 25 Must Have Things To Have in Your Pet Survival Kit!

Book 9. Survival: How To Disappear Without a Trace, Find Food, Shelter and Water in Any Wilderness

Book 10. Survival. Learn the Essentials of Survival: Food, Shelter, Communication, Curing Herbs

Book 11. Beginners Survival Guide: 20 Tips to stay alive in the Wilderness

Book 12. Survival: 25 Simple and Nutritious Food Recipes to Cook Using Your Emergency Supplies!

Book 13. Solar Power: 20 Hacks to Build Your Own Affordable Solar Power System

Book 14. Power Generation: The Ultimate Guide on Building Your Own Wind Power Generating System

Book 15. The Penny-Pinching SHTF: Spend Less, Save More, Be a Smart Prepper

Book 16. Urban Survival Gear: Find Yourself Alive After the Collapse

Book 17. Situational Survival for Children: 30 Lessons to Teach Your Child to Be Ready and Protected in Any Situation

Book 18. Survival Basics: Harvest Wild Meat Simple Traps and Snares

Book 19. Survival Communication: Keep In Touch With Your Beloved When The World Gets Deathly Still

Book 20. Survival Guide: Learn How to Build a Storm Shelter and Root Cellar

Book 21. Survival: How To Survive A Blackout: Learn To Live During Power Outage

Book 22. Survival Guide: Tips on Building Your Own Shelter That Will Stand Up a Storm

Book 23. Bug Out Bag: Your Guide To Creating Your Own Bug Out Bag

Book 24. Bushcraft: Hacks to Survive in The Wild if You Have Just a Knife

Book 25. Bug-Out Haven: Where Will You Go When There’s Nowhere To Run?

Book 26. Survival Medicine Kit: A Must Have Medical Handbook For Your First Aid Kit

Book 27. Survival Navigation: Learn Essentials of Navigation in The Wild And Find The Way Without GPS

Book 28. Situational Survival: 30 Self-Defensive Skills You Should Know To Be Protected

Book 29. Survival Guide: Create Your Own Affordable Off Grid Water System

Book 30. Emergency Drinking Water Storage: Learn to Get and Store Water for Drinking and Cooking in the Wild

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