The Ultimate Collection of Survivalist

by Veronica Coffin on November 4, 2016



Submitted by:  Veronica Coffin



The Ultimate Collection of Survivalist: 80 Tricks and Skills: Food, Shelter, Self-Defense, Bug-Out Bag: (Complete Survival Guide, Critical Survival Skills) … Supplies, Survival Tactics, Prepping) Kindle Edition

80 Tricks and Skills: Food, Shelter, Self-Defense, Bug-Out Bag

No matter what happens in life; preparation is the key. Survival is all about being prepared. Pick up this book so that you can learn the most essential skills you need to survive any situation.

This is the most comprehensive survival prepping book set yet! Learn how to find food and water, commandeer emergency shelter, and even scour the wilderness for medicinal herbs!

This book set covers the essentials of some of the most important aspects of survival. Even if civilization fails you, if you understand how to implement these crucial elements, you can survive anything!

In this book you will learn how to:

        • Prep food and water
        • Create an emergency shelter
        • Use essential herbs for healing
        • Establish emergency communication
      • And a Lot More!

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