Watch Out in the Wild: How to Stay Safe from Serious Health Concerns When You’re Outdoors

by Veronica Coffin on June 8, 2016



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Watch Out in the Wild: How to Stay Safe from Serious Health Concerns When You’re Outdoors

The warmer weather is coming, and with it the chance to head outside to enjoy the fresh air. Many families head to national parks and remote locations to get away from it all, and enjoy unspoiled wilderness. Estimates put spending on recreation in wilderness environments at a whopping $646 billion per year.

It’s great to foster an appreciation of nature within your family, but it can come at a greater cost than mere money if you and your family members don’t learn a few basics in relation to the potential hazards involved in hiking and camping, especially if you are very far off the beaten track and miles away from the nearest medical assistance and first aid supplies.

In this guide, you will discover some of the main health concerns related to going out in the wilderness in order to help readers prepare for any close encounters that might be of an unhealthy and even dangerous kind.

Knowing before you go can be one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe. Download this guide today onto your mobile devices and be sure to take it with you the next time you head out on the trail.

Table of Contents

What’s in This Guide


Watch Out in the Wild

Chapter 1-Altitude Sickness

Chapter 2-Cold-Related Illness

Chapter 3-Dehydration

Chapter 4-Heat-related Illness

Chapter 5-Insect Bites and Stings

Chapter 6-Lightning-related Injury

Chapter 7-Poisonous Plants

Chapter 8-Snake Bites

Chapter 9-Water-related issues

Chapter 10-Other important health and safety considerations


Appendix 1: Winterizing your car

Appendix 2: Choosing the right sunscreen

Appendix 3: Home remedies for sunburn

Appendix 4: Dealing with heat rash

Appendix 5: Dealing with the itch of poison ivy


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About the Authors

Carolyn Stone is the author of more than 100 health and self-help guides. Ashleen is a new young writer and an avid outdoor enthusiast who has worked as a summer camp counsellor and traveled extensively in the United States.

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