What to do in a nuclear attack

by Veronica Coffin on January 27, 2017



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Donald Trump caused a Doomsday Clock symbolising the threat of apocalypse to move closer to midnight. The new 'time', two and a half minutes to midnight, is the closest the planet has been to an apocalypse since 1953 - mainly due to the threat of nuclear warfare. Stock image


The pair advises packing an emergency supply kit containing water and non-perishable food items.

When a nuclear bomb goes off, it sends out radiation that can ruin your mobile phone and laptop, so preparing battery-powered radios for communication is essential.

Experts expect electronic devices thousands of miles away could be affected by the electromagnetic pulse sent out by a bomb.


Shelters are the next important safety step.

‘There’s a difference between a blast shelter and a fall-out shelter,’ says Gregory Brown.

For the blast, it is important to get as much concrete between you and the blast as possible.

In a house, go to the basement, and in a high-rise, get to the middle of the building away from windows.

For the fall-out it’s important to have thick walls and a thick roof, he says, and in a house it is a good idea to blockade all the windows.

It takes radioactive materials two weeks to decay, so stock up on two weeks’ worth of food and water.


But if you are outside and know the blast is coming, you might have time to get to a better shelter, but first you should get on the ground with your hands behind your head and brace yourself.

Never look at the blast, because it can cause you to go blind temporarily.


If you get inside remove your clothes and clean yourself straight away and blow your nose, to stop the radioactive materials from spreading, and do not use conditioner.

If you cannot have a shower, wipe yourself with a wet cloth.

After a blast you have 30 minutes to find the best shelter, so the pair suggest finding a dedicated safe-house that can be accessed from your home and work within 30 minutes.

The pair, who together run the channel AsapSCIENCE, also shared another video entitled ‘What If We Have A Nuclear War?’, detailing what to expect after an explosion.

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