Prepping Deals & Daily Roundup- October 10

Stay one step ahead with our weekly Prepping Deals roundup, delivering unbeatable deals and discounts on essential prepping tools, food, and supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or just getting started, we’ve curated the best bargains on items to ensure you’re always prepared. Take advantage of these exclusive offers!

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Omaha Outdoors is offering a 30% off coupon … The weekly coupon code only applies to On Sale items. So that’s a little confusing, but it is a deal and we don’t pass those up!

And if you use the coupon code “OMAHA” at checkout on a purchase of greater than $99 you can get a free grey Omaha Outdoors hat.

It’s not a deal, but it’s new …. Goal Zero just released their YETI Pro 4000

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