Prepping Deals & Roundup October 27

Are you a Doomsday Hobbyist or a Realist? [Interesting Article]


Fire is always a good thing!

Coghlan’s Fire Paste, yellow, 3.75 Fluid Ounces

Sale price: $5.41

Typical price: $10.10

Son of a motherless goat! As soon as I start saying I don’t want to be all about guns, all the good gun accessories go on sale!


Palmetto State Armory SIG Sauer Romeo7S 1×22 Compact Green Dot Sight

Sale Price: $99.99

Typical Price: $229.99

AR500 Multiple Use Case Bundle

Price as Configured $749.00

Regular Price$1,486.00

This is a great deal – I think I have some plates from these folks and I think they seemed a little heavy, but solid enough to offer real protection.

49% OFF 

The Multiple Use-Case Bundle is our ultimate readiness package: The Concealment gives you front and back coverage you can comfortably wear at all times. For low-profile rifle armor you can throw on in a moment, the Freeman is with you. The Veritas Lite Loadout brings lightweight special-threat alloy protection with A2 armor and a cummerbund kit for greater coverage.


1x Veritas Lite Plate Carrier

1x Cummerbund Upgrade kit  

2x A2 Level III+ Curved Base Coat Plates, 10” x 12”  

1x Freeman Plate Carrier

2x A2 Level III+ Lightweight Curved Base Coat Plates 

2x Trauma Pads, 9” x 9”

1x Concealment Plate Carrier 

4x Trauma Pads, 10” x 12”

2x S2 Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels, 10” x 12” 

1x Phoenix Armored Backpack with 10″ x 12″ S2 Panel

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